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Compassionate Caring

About Dr. London

Dr. London earned a doctorate in counseling psychology from Northern Arizona University and has been a licensed Indiana psychologist since 1993. Dr. London has worked in a variety of settings including a psychiatric hospital (helping to treat dual diagnosis individuals – men and women suffering from both severe mental illness and drug addiction), a pain management center (as a pain psychologist), community mental health centers (providing services for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families), group homes for children and adolescents, nursing homes (assisting individuals with terminal illnesses and dementia), and, since 2005, his own private practice in Carmel, Indiana.
In addition to having completed specialized training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapies Dr. London is credentialed as a certified sex offender treatment specialist. Treatment of sex offenders, however, is not provided at the Carmel office.
Beyond psychotherapy and counseling, Dr. London is available to administer and interpret psychological testing, including personality testing, intelligence testing, computerized testing for ADHD, and formal memory testing. Finally, Dr. London is able to offer biofeedback training for relaxation/stress management/pain management.
Dr. London is the author of Life is One Damn Thing After Another: Until You Acquire the Insights and Skills to Take Charge of It, published in 2000 by SelfHelpBooks.com.